If you are an erotic massage service provider, and if you want to know what should you do and you shouldn’t then you are definitely at the right place. In this post we are going to cover every single aspect that a masseuse should do and what they shouldn’t. So, keep on reading because this will educate you a lot.

  • Don’t just spill the oil right on the body – Yeah, movies show that you should do that, but its quite messy and it might ruin your client’s day. The best way is to put oil in hands and then rub the hands to make the oil a bit warm. Then use your palms to massage the body.
  • Body lotions are not good – If you are thinking of using body lotions then don’t even think about it as it gets absorbed easily, and you won’t have enough liquid to work with. Hence, water based lubricants like almond oil is quite good. Its good for the skin and it has various benefits too.
  • Don’t go too fast – Erotic massage is all about pace and sensuality. If you are rushing it, then it won’t please your clients a lot. Hence you should slow it down and build the excitement slowly. Go slow and steady and let your client feel your hands on their body. We guarantee that your clients are going to love this.
  • Get feedback from your client – Always interact with your client and keep them asking how they feel. Ask them about the pressure and if they want you to be more hard or soft. This helps in interaction and it allows your client to loosen up quickly. Also look out for sounds like OOH, AAH, this ensures that your client is actually enjoying every single bit of it. It will signify that you are going the right thing.
  • Get rid of distractions – If you are going to give a massage, then make sure that everything you need is close to you. Things like towel, oils, and phone. Well, the best way to avoid distraction is by switching your phone in airplane mode so that you don’t get any phone calls and messages. Nobody like it when you talk on phone while providing massage.
  • Use your body – If you are using your hands at first, then make sure that you start using your body parts to increase the sensuality. Your focus should be to increase the eroticism with passing time. This will not just please your clients, but it will ensure that you are building the erotic tension that will eventually lead to happy ending.

So, these are some of the Do’s and don’ts of erotic massage, and you should follow these rules for providing mind blowing massage services. These tips were taken by expert masseuses who are damn good at their job.

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