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What people are saying... about A Balanced You Massage.

Absolutely The Best!

LaTasha Y. Benn Love Your Beauty, LLC

I have been getting massages by Tayonon for the past year. Her Swedish/Deep Tissue massage is absolutely the best massage I’ve ever had. It. Gives. Me. Life. Seriously! I’ve been working on self-love and self-improvement and Tay has been an intricate part in my journey. Every time I leave her I feel like a superwoman – stronger, happier, and feeling like I can do anything. Her hands is where the magic happens, but she also has a beautiful spirit and genuine loving energy.


Giselle D. - Chicago, IL

Tai is AWESOME. I  came to her through a Lifebooker almost a year ago, and really didn’t think I could afford regular massages,but she was so amazing I had to come back. I’m so appreciative of all the work she does with me, as well as her flexibility in letting me buy discounted packages I can afford.

Not only is her technique absolutely superb, she really gets to know you as a person and your body needs and makes sure to hit them all. She is such an incredible person, everytime I see her I feel like I’m catching up with a great old friend, and walk away in heaven.

Could not recommend her enough .

She is worth her weight in gold.

Darlene V. - Chicago, IL

I bought this session on Lifebooker.  I bought 2 certificates and was leary since the first was a very bad experience.  I get a massage atleast once a month so I am seasoned.

When I met Tai she was very nice.  The room was very relaxing.  She explained the whole session.

Wow, I can honestly say she gave the best massage that I have ever had (except for one other person).  She used great pressure and wasn’t chatty.  I truly enjoyed this massage and will be back again.  I l ike to buy certificates to try out new people once in a while.  I gurarantee you that you will not be sorry.  She is worth her weight in gold.

Impressed with Tai

Stacy K. - Chicago, IL

As with the other reviews, I also was impressed with Tai.  She performs a deep tissue massage with the rhythmic movements of a swedish.  Love the technique and I will be back.

Tai actually listens

Maria S. - Lakeview, Chicago, IL

Any massage therapist can ask you what your preferences are but Tai actually listens and does your massage exactly how YOU want.  I originally came to her from a lifebooker coupon over a year ago and have been buying packages with her ever since. She has a great passion for her job and genuinely wants you to leave her appointment feeling great. Definitely worth the wait of a week or two when booking appointments.

I highly recommend her services!

Anneliess D. - Chicago, IL

I bought a certificate from Lifebooker because I was in desperate need of a massage!  Plus, I’m relatively new to Chicago and needed to find a good masseuse but wanted to try a few out  before committing.  I can definitely say that Tai is the best I’ve had, ever!  She took the time to sit down and talk with me to find out where she needed to focus more time and attention on my aches and pains.

She used the perfect amount of pressure and modified the table to accommodate for my ample chest size to ensure that I was laying on the table comfortably.  She kept the chatting to a minimum.  I don’t dislike chatting with my masseuse, but there are times when I just like to have some silence, and I think she was aware of that.  She paid close attention to my problem areas and spent the majority of our time on those areas, and did an excellent job at relieving the pain!

I highly recommend her services!  Her location is two blocks north of the Diversey brown line stop, very easy to access.

Tayonon is the best!

Dawn P. - Chicago, IL

Tayonon is the best! Not only is she the best massage I’ve ever had, but she has also helped me improve my overall health through healthy living recommendations and my state of relaxation through her meditation and stretching session. I get regular relaxation massages with her but she is always hyper aware of what my body needs and focuses on where I wear my stress and any pain points I may have. I see her once a month and look forward to it for the entire month between massages. I wouldn’t waste my time or money on a massage anywhere else!

Tai is fantastic!

D. O. - Brooklyn, NY

Oh my Tayonon (Tai) is fantastic !   anyone with pain or just a need to relax and unwind get a massage by this highly trained therapist.  she gives the best Thai and Swedish style massages hands down. My person preference is the Thai massage on a mat at her studio near the Gold Coast.
I feel so much better after a massage by Tai is the best!

Happy to have found her.

Joee L. - Chicago, IL

I too meet Tayonon through lifebooker over a year ago and have stayed with her since.  She is the best massage I have had hands down. A lot of massages I have had are hit or miss by appointment with the same masseuse, but not Tayonon.  I have had her do a full body relaxation appointments and some appointments have been to help with pain I was feeling in a certain area.  In every massage I felt relaxed and better by the end.

I typically e-mail her to book my appointments and she responds very quickly.  Overall, she is a joy and am I happy to have found her.

Talented massage therapist

Corey F. - Chicago, IL

Tayonon is a talented massage therapist who makes great use of the time spent together. I workout a fair amount and thus I always have tight muscles and knots pretty much from head to toe.  Nevertheless, I always leave feeling better than when I came in the door.

I realize that some men are skeptical of female massage therapists and their ability to do deep tissue effectively.  I can honestly say that she is capable of handling any person’s body – male or female. I definitely recommend her to others.